Containerville is a new great home for start-ups and pop-ups. 30 shipping containers up-cycled into modern work spaces by the…

“Containerville is a new great home for start-ups and pop-ups. 30 shipping containers up-cycled into modern work spaces by the Regents Canal. Each container can comfortably accommodate four desks. Each container is fitted out to function perfectly as a clean, modern work space with great views out over the canal.”

Containerville, 5–10 Corbridge Crescent, London E2 9DS. — The Estate Office Shoreditch (viaiamdanw)

So Meta from A N F on Vimeo.

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So Meta fromA N F on Vimeo.
Chris Woebken, Sascha Pohflepp and Andreas Nicolas Fischer will spend their time on Governors Island commissioning a series of computer simulations that will run within a meticulous virtual recreation of Building 15. The individual simulations are being created by a selection of 3D artists who form part of a community that is exploring the aesthetics of simulation in the context of contemporary computer graphics, often disseminating their work on social media rather than in an academic context. These participating artists include:

Kai Kostack:
Mohamad (Moby Motion) Zeina:
Andreas Nicolas (ANF6000) Fischer:
Gottfried (BlenderDiplom) Hofmann:
Tayfun (blazraidr) Ozdemir:

Island Physics will turn Eyebeam’s house on Governors Island into a testing-ground for alternate realities, simulating the impossible in a living room.

Futures? a short interview with Warren Ellis

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I think it’s important to look at the present moment with clear eyes and understand the wonder of a contemporary context where we can see the glass lakes of Titan and satellites orbiting the sun can report to our phones. Or even that several thousand years of developing communication technology means that I can type this right now and you’ll see it in seconds. We tend not to see it. We’re conditioned to see the present moment as “normal,” with all the banality that implies. This is not a banal moment. It’s the sort of intense, chaotic moment, full of strange things, that we previously only found in science fiction. “Right now” feels like all of science fiction happening at once, and needs to be considered in that context – that we’re living in that promised world of miracles and wonder, and that we’ve been trained by the culture not to see it.

Artist Stops Oil Pipeline Cold

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Alberta artist, Peter von Tiesenhausen, has effectively stopped oil corporations from putting a pipeline through his 800 acre property by covering it with artwork and copyrighting the top six inches of his land as an artwork. Realizing that mining companies can legitimately lay claim to any land underneath private property to a depth of six inches, van Tiesenhausen contacted a lawyer who drew up an intellectual property/copyright claim that said that if the oil company disturbed the top six inches in any way, it would be a copyright violation.

This is the first image ever taken from the surface of Mars of an overcast sky. Featured are stratus clouds coming from the…

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This is the first image ever taken from the surface of Mars of an overcast sky. Featured are stratus clouds coming from the northeast at about 15 miles per hour (6.7 meters/second) at an approximate height of ten miles (16 kilometers) above the surface. The “you are here” notation marks where Earth was situated in the sky at the time the image was taken. Scientists had hoped to see Earth in this image, but the cloudy conditions prevented a clear viewing. Similar images will be taken in the future with the hope of capturing a view of Earth. From Mars, Earth would appear as a tiny blue dot similar to how a star would appear to an earthbound observer. Pathfinders’ imaging system will not be able to resolve Earths’ moon. The clouds consist of water ice condensed on reddish dust particles suspended in the atmosphere. Clouds on Mars are sometimes localized and can sometimes cover entire regions, but have not yet been observed to cover the entire planet. The image was taken about an hour and forty minutes before sunrise by the Imager for Mars Pathfinder (IMP) on Sol 16 at about ten degrees up from the eastern Martian horizon. (via )

How Food Stole the Avant-Garde: Letter From Copenhagen

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So here’s what I would say to my taxi driver if the meter weren’t running: The revolution begins at the kitchen table. The desires of the artist and the chef are not so different: to nourish humans and perhaps hold up the mirror to those who consume our products. Change the world. There will always be a new black. But that is because black is eternal. It’s what fashion wants to be. Let’s reduce “the new” to fashion. Let’s call black “culture.” Black is never the old black. It just can’t be. Black is always the black. In this sense, food is always the black. Art is always the black. What is cooking? What is the avant-garde?

interdome’s dinner plans

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I have a nagging desire to try and get every one of my friends on amateur radio. It’s been like signing up for a new social network and having none of your friends on it. Obviously, the bar is much higher than signing up. But there is also a greater utility there as well, because you learn some stuff about radio waves and equipment that is probably useful. And, also, Disaster/Civil Defense Preparedness! which is, somewhat hilariously, still the core rationale for why amateur radio is allowed to continue to exist. Anyway, the dream is, everyone is straining the WiFi at a conference or post-national disaster or something, and my circle of friends is making dinner plans via the local repeater instead.

Creatures of the Network

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Our tools change us in fundamental ways. When we learned to cook food, our brains grew in size and made us the humans we are now. As we organized into more complex social groups and now as we’ve built tools that can act on our behalf, we have been and will continue to be changed by these tools. In the meantime, we live in a world that we haven’t completely caught up with. There are four big fractures between our bodies and our lives right now: trust, agency, tempo, and scale.

The Social Laboratory

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Across Singapore’s national ministries and departments today, armies of civil servants use scenario-based planning and big-data analysis from RAHS for a host of applications beyond fending off bombs and bugs. They use it to plan procurement cycles and budgets, make economic forecasts, inform immigration policy, study housing markets, and develop education plans for Singaporean schoolchildren – and they are looking to analyze Facebook posts, Twitter messages, and other social media in an attempt to “gauge the nation’s mood” about everything from government social programs to the potential for civil unrest. In other words, Singapore has become a laboratory not only for testing how mass surveillance and big-data analysis might prevent terrorism, but for determining whether technology can be used to engineer a more harmonious society.

The only way to annihilate the mind and ego is through silence. When there are no thoughts, there’s no mind. When you try to…

“The only way to annihilate the mind and ego is through silence. When there are no thoughts, there’s no mind. When you try to evaluate your problem and resolve it, your mind is making a lot of noise. Therefore you can never resolve your problem really. You may stop it for a time but it will continue again and again, and come back in different ways to haunt you.”

Robert Adams (viayeshecholwa)

(via A Floating Library on the Hudson)


(via A Floating Library on the Hudson)

It isn’t often you’re given the luxury of unwinding in a library aboard an old vessel, unless you’re Charles Darwin or Steve Zissou. For one month, however, the historic Lilac Museum Steamship—the last steam-propelled lighthouse tender in the country—docks by the Hudson River, open to the public as a floating library, free of charge. Organized by artist Beatrice Glow, the project transforms the cabins of the 81-year-old ship into reading nooks, with the main deck functioning as an outdoor reading space complete with inviting cushions stacked on wooden pallets.




In the dark of the ocean, some animals have evolved to use bioluminescence as a defense. In the animation above, an ostracod, one of the tiny crustaceans seen flitting near the top of the tank, has just been swallowed by a cardinal fish. When threatened, the ostracod ejects two chemicals, luciferin and luciferase, which, when combined, emit light. Because the glow would draw undesirable attention to the cardinal fish, it spits out the ostracod and the glowing liquid and flees. Check out the full video clip over at BBC News. Other crustaceans, including several species of shrimp, also spit out bioluminescent fluids defensively. (Image credit: BBC, source video; via @amyleerobinson)

‘Fair trade’ cocaine and ‘conflict-free’ opium: the future of online drug marketing

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This digital alternative to street-based drug retailing rewards dealers for using innovative and non-violent methods of competition, and for providing quality goods and services. Drug consumers, meanwhile, are offered an unprecedented range of choice and information about products available. They are also treated with a civility that reflects their purchasing power.–30127