Ok is the first glacier to lose its status as a glacier. In the next 200 years, all our glaciers are expected to follow the…

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Ok is the first glacier to lose its status as a glacier. In the next 200 years, all our glaciers are expected to follow the same path. This monument is to acknowledge that we know what is happening and what needs to be done. Only you know if we did it.

Ágúst 2019, 415ppm CO2

Okjökull, or Ok Glacier, was the subject of a 2018 documentary called Not Ok, made by Rice anthropologists Cymene Howe and Dominic Boyer. Narrated by former Reykjavík mayor and comedian Jón Gnarr, Not Ok tells how in 2014, Ok became the first glacier in Iceland to melt and thereby “lose its title” as a glacier. Scientists credit Ok’s melting to global warming. According to the filmmakers, scientists fear that all of Iceland’s 400-plus glaciers will be gone by 2200.

“By marking Ok’s passing, we hope to draw attention to what is being lost as Earth’s glaciers expire,” Cymene remarked in the press release. “These bodies of ice are the largest freshwater reserves on the planet and frozen within them are histories of the atmosphere. They are also often important cultural forms that are full of significance.” The monument is said to be the first of its kind in the world.

(via https://www.icelandreview.com/news/first-glacier-lost-to-climate-change-to-be-memorialised/ )

In one year, a single acre of black soldier fly larvae can transform any kind of organic waste (Cafeteria refuse, manure, even…

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Wastewater is pumped away from the Bełchatów Power Station in Gmina Kleszczów, Poland. Located near the city of Łódź in central…


Wastewater is pumped away from the Bełchatów Power Station in Gmina Kleszczów, Poland. Located near the city of Łódź in central Poland, Bełchatów is the world’s largest lignite-fired power station and its second largest fossil-fuel power station. In 2007, the World Wide Fund for Nature ranked it as Europe’s highest absolute carbon dioxide emitter, with 30.1 million tonnes of emissions per year.

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51.266389°, 19.330556°

Source imagery: Jan Laskowski

How do we live in the 21st century? Simple. Embrace two paradoxes: The first, our political principle, is: Zero tolerance for…

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1yrago Authoritarians used to be scared of social media, now they rule it


A new report from the Institute For the Future on “state-sponsored trolling” documents the rise and rise of government-backed troll armies who terrorize journalists and opposition figures with seemingly endless waves of individuals who bombard their targets with vile vitriol, from racial slurs to rape threats.

The report traces the origin of the phenomenon to a series of high-profile social media opposition bids that challenged the world’s most restrictive regimes, from Gezi Park in Turkey to the Arab Spring.

After the initial rebellions were put down, authoritarians studied and adapted the tactics that made them so effective, taking a leaf out of US intelligence agencies’ playbook by buying or developing tools that would allow paid trolls to impersonate enormous crowds of cheering, loyal cyber-warriors.

After being blindsided by social media, the authoritarians found it easy to master it: think of Cambodia, where a bid to challenge the might of the ruling party begat a Facebook-first strategy to suppress dissent, in which government authorities arrest and torture anyone who challenges them using their real name, and then gets Facebook to disconnect anyone who uses a pseudonym to avoid retaliation.

The rise of authoritarian troll armies has been documented before. Google’s Jigsaw division produced a detailed report on the phenomenon, but decided not to publish it. Bloomberg, who have produced an excellent investigative supplement to the IFTF report that draws on a leaked copy of the Google research, implies that something nefarious happened to convince Google to suppress its research.

The IFTF and Bloomberg reports arrive just as Twitter has announced the deletion of 70,000,000 accounts alleged to be linked to authoritarian information control, and just as Facebook announced that it would delete “misinformation that incites violence.”

Implicated in the Bloomberg article and IFTF report are the campaigns of India’s Narendra Modi, Malta’s Labour Party, Argentine president Mauricio Macri, Austria’s  Heinz-Christian Strache, Azerbaijan’s ruling families, Bahrain’s ruling elite, China’s Communist Party, the Ethiopian government, the outgoing Mexican president Peña Nieto, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, Russia and Putin, the Saudi royals, Turkey’s Erdogan, the People’s Army of Vietnam, South Korea’s internal spy agency, former Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa, and the Venezuelan state.

The campaigns have striking similarities, suggesting that they may have a common contractor or state-sponsored supplier, and/or that they are closely observing one another and learning from each other.


6 stages of recovery 1. Chill, eat, sleep 2. Basic triage ordering to get to minimum functional potential 3. Escapist leisure to…

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Looking back, landing on the moon wasn’t just our job, it was a historic opportunity to prove to the world America’s can-do…

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I’ve updated my cryptocurrency paper trained word2vec model. Web interface now has a concept explorer in addition to the analogy…

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Hanlon’s razor: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Hon’s razor: Never attribute to…

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10 takeaways from the Star’s Undeniable climate change series | The Star


Excerpt from this article from The Toronto Star:

For the past nine weeks, the Star’s Undeniable project has brought readers to the frontlines of climate change in Canada. In every region chronicled in the 16-part series, climate change is already affecting people, infrastructure, wildlife and the natural environment. The effects of a warmer climate are, and will continue to be, felt in every facet of Canadian society, from farms, fisheries, schools and hospitals, to municipal, provincial and federal governments, local businesses and the largest corporations.

Canada is getting hotter. Between 1948 and 2016, Canada’s annual average temperature over land increased by 1.7 degrees, about double the global warming rate.

Cities and towns aren’t ready. Across Canada, municipalities are struggling to deal with aging infrastructure built for a different time as temperatures rise and precipitation becomes more intense.

Bad news for the Arctic. Northern Canada is warming faster than the rest of the country. The annual mean temperature in Canada’s north increased by 2.3 degrees between 1948 and 2016, about three times the global rate. This warming trend will continue, even if global greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, with average winter temperatures rising by as much as 4 degrees in the Arctic by 2050.

The way we farm and fish is changing.Climate change is presenting both challenges and opportunities to those who make their living from the land and sea.

Land is disappearing into the sea. While erosion is a natural process, rising ocean temperatures can contribute to increased storminess, resulting in larger and more powerful waves that eat into coastlines.

Indigenous peoples of Canada are being hit hard. Climate change is profoundly affecting Canada’s Indigenous peoples, whose cultures and livelihoods are closely linked to the land, water, snow and ice.

Wildfire seasons are becoming longer and the flames are getting bigger. While no individual event can be fully linked to climate change, wildfires have increased in frequency, intensity, size and duration as the climate has warmed.

Floods will get bigger and more frequent. Climate models are predicting that floods across the country will get larger, more frequent and more destructive.

It’s going to rain a lot more. Climate models predict that precipitation will increase, on average, across Canada. In many areas, precipitation has already increased, with a shift towards more rainfall and less snowfall. Atmospheric rivers, which can dumpintense rainfall in short periods of time, are expected to get a lot bigger, and make landfall on the west coast more often.

Balancing business interests with climate change mitigation will be a challenge. There is an irony of climate change in that while it brings with it a host of negative consequences, it could also present great economic opportunities.

10 takeaways from the Star’s Undeniable climate change series | The Star

Cornwall Council declared #ClimateEmergency in Jan. & plans a 20,000 acre “Forest For Cornwall”. Good for wildlife, people &…

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I am so thankful and excited to win the incredible #CollideInternational award and residency and cant wait for my time at #Cern,…

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"Nearly every book has the same architecture—cover, spine, pages—but you open them onto worlds & gifts far beyond what paper &…

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Last but not least, the major enemy, the strategic adversary is fascism. And not only historical fascism, the fascism of Hitler…


Last but not least, the major enemy, the strategic adversary is fascism. And not only historical fascism, the fascism of Hitler and Mussolini - which was able to mobilize and use the desire of the masses so effectively - but also the fascism in us all, in our heads and in our everyday behavior, the fascism that causes us to love power, to desire the very thing that dominates and exploits us.

Foucault, preface to Anti-Oedipus

Grasberg mine, located in the Papua Province of Indonesia, is the largest gold mine and second largest copper mine in the world….


Grasberg mine, located in the Papua Province of Indonesia, is the largest gold mine and second largest copper mine in the world. It consists of a mile-wide open pit mine, an underground mine, and four concentrators. In 2016, the mine’s 19,500 employees produced 1.063 billion pounds (482 million kg) of copper and more than one million ounces (28 million grams) of gold.

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Reservoirs topped with ‘shade balls’ are my new obsession -their geometrical configuration is always shifting like the sentient…

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Mini-documentatry from @FIBERFestival’s Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction last year Features me talking about #solarpunk . Also…

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My best aphorism is also my worst nightmare: Civilization is the process of turning the incomprehensible into the arbitrary….

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I’d like to file a feature request on the English language. For the sake of source code aesthetics one of the word pairs…

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Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction | Stage II of WorldbuildingFIBER and Brakke Grond present: Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction….

terra fiction, Worldbuilding, 2018, FIBER, Brakke Grond

video link

Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction | Stage II of Worldbuilding

FIBER and Brakke Grond present: Coded Matter(s): Terra Fiction. September 27, 2018, Amsterdam.

• Pippa Goldschmidt
• E.J. Swift
• Jay Springett
• Ivan Henriques
• Miha Turšič
• Maja Kuzmanovic& Nik Gaffney (FoAM)
• Films: Margaux Hendriksen, Matthew C. Wilson

The idea of terraformation was once the domain of writers and artists. We’re entering a new space race to colonise and terraform the universe. Silicon Valley companies like SpaceX, Google and Planetary Resources are in the front seat. As we edge closer towards inevitable environmental collapse these big tech companies are scrambling to colonise new habitable worlds on distant planets. By shooting a cherry-red Tesla car into space, they shape the future narrative of man in space. But what are we leaving behind on Earth? If today’s technological leaps aren’t improving our natural environments than what legacy will we inherit in worlds abroad?

More info:codedmatters.nl/event/terrafiction/

Videography& Edit: Tanja Busking
Curation: Jarl Schulp and Fabian van Sluijs

Agricultural development is seen on the plain of Fucino in Italy. The area is known for the quality of the vegetables that are…


Agricultural development is seen on the plain of Fucino in Italy. The area is known for the quality of the vegetables that are grown here — in particular the potatoes, carrots, and radishes. What is now an entire plain filled with farms was once Fucine Lake, the third largest lake in Italy. The lake was drained in 1877 to make farming possible here and now accounts for roughly 25% of the agricultural production in the region.

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How a sex researcher and a cosplaying 3D printing specialist created an open source, orgasm-measuring butt-plug


Nicole Prause is a sex researcher who wanted to design a gender-neutral orgasm-measuring tool that would fit in the anus and detect and measure pelvic contractions but all the buttplugs she tried to modify (“We ordered like 20 of these butt plugs off Amazon, and it messed up my recommendation engine for all time”) were designed to be pistoned in and out, and thus had a taper that made it prone to popping out at the moment of orgasm.

Prause tweeted about her troubles and forged a partnership with a German cosplayer who had extensive 3D printing experience; they designed a research-optimized butt-plug they call the “anal pneumatic base for psychophysiology research” and released it as an open source hardware design that you can download from Thingiverse and 3D print at home or work.


Yer da sells Avon: how the Scots language found a new home on Twitter


A great article about the Scots language on twitter. Excerpt: 

Clas­sic con­tri­bu­tions includ­ingKings­ley the Partick This­tle mas­cot;​‘yer maw’ jokes; ​‘yer da sells Avon’ jokes; any­thing Lewis Capal­di tweets, and ​“maw bought aldi show­er gel that smells like fairy liq­uid so I’ve been cut­ting about all day smelling like a fuck­ing plate” (@adamfraser14, August 2015).

For many peo­ple both out­side Scot­land and with­in, Twit­ter has pro­vid­ed a brand new view into the Scots lan­guage and its vari­eties in all their sweary, hys­ter­i­cal, some­times incom­pre­hen­si­ble glo­ry. Has the plat­form spear­head­ed a resur­gence amongst its young users or is this some­thing more pro­found altogether?

The Scots lan­guage has been spo­ken in Scot­land for cen­turies and still exists across the coun­try today. It’s com­prised of numer­ous dif­fer­ent dialects – which can dif­fer from each oth­er quite dra­mat­i­cal­ly – and is one of three offi­cial lan­guages in Scot­land, along­side Eng­lish and Gael­ic. In 2001 it was offi­cial­ly recog­nised under theEuro­pean Char­ter for Minor­i­ty Languages.

“Scots was the nation­al lan­guage of a coun­try that doesn’t exist any­more,” explains writer and pre­sen­ter Alis­tair Heather, who writes a Scots col­umn in Scotland’s The Nation­al news­pa­per. ​“As Scot­land was amal­ga­mat­ed into Great Britain, Scots fell away from being a nation­al lan­guage because it didn’t have a nation anymore.

Read the whole thing

Yer da sells Avon: how the Scots language found a new home on Twitter

Slightly annoying that ‘tristinction’ is not a word (it should be, considering ‘distinction’ comes from Ancient Greek δίς [dís,…

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Our essay “Making Things Physical”, co-authored by @_foam / Maja Kuzmanovic @deziluzija, Nik Gaffney @zzkt & Time’s Up has been…

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I’m on a mission today to reconnect / follow up on leads / collaborate - apologies if you’re waiting for a response (it’ll come/…

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10,000 BC paragraph 48a Then there was the system of the strata. On the intensive continuum, the strata fashion forms and…


10,000 BC paragraph 48a

Then there was the system of the strata. On the intensive continuum, the strata fashion forms and form matters into substances. In combined emissions, they make the distinction between expressions and contents, units of expression and units of content, for example, signs and particles. In conjunctions, they separate flows, assigning them relative movements and diverse territorialities, relative deterritorializations and complementary reterritorializations. Thus the strata set up everywhere double articulations animated by movements: forms and substances of content and forms and substances of expression constituting segmentary multiplicities with relations that are determinable in every case. Such are the strata. Each stratum is a double articulation of content and expression, both of which are really distinct and in a state of reciprocal presupposition.

The second volume of our long-awaited Journal of Futures special double issue is finally out! Eighteen more articles, interviews…

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in a complex social system, there can be a conspiracy without conspirators the emergent behavior of a system sometimes looks…

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All radicals should be encouraged to form institutions. Much moral high-ground posturing and insufferable certitude are rooted…

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Two types of problems. A: Those that are hard because nobody knows how to actually solve them yet B: Those that are hard…

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Autonomous vehicles fooled by drones that project too-quick-for-humans road-signs


In MobilBye: Attacking ADAS with Camera Spoofing, a group of Ben Gurion security researchers describe how they were able to defeat a Renault Captur’s “Level 0” autopilot (Level 0 systems advise human drivers but do not directly operate cars) by following them with drones that projected images of fake roadsigns for a 100ms instant – too short for human perception, but long enough for the autopilot’s sensors.

Such an attack would leave no physical evidence behind and could be used to trick cars into making maneuvers that compromised the safety or integrity of their passengers and other users of the road – from unexpected swerves to sudden speed-changes to detours into unsafe territory.

As Geoff Manaugh writes on BLDGBLOG, “They are like flickering ghosts only cars can perceive, navigational dazzle imperceptible to humans.”

The “imperceptible to humans” part is the most interesting thing about this: we tend to think of electronic sensors’ ability to exceed human sensory capacity as a feature: but when you’re relying on a “human in the loop” to sanity-check an algorithm’s interpretations of the human-legible world, attackers’ ability to show the computer things that the human can’t see is a really interesting and gnarly problem.