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These two images of a hatchet and a nematode are different but share the same NeuralHash! NeuralHash is the perceptual hashing…

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These two images of a hatchet and a nematode are different but share the same NeuralHash!

NeuralHash is the perceptual hashing model that back’s Apple’s new CSAM (child sexual abuse material) reporting mechanism. It’s an algorithm that takes an image as input and returns a 96-bit unique identifier (a hash) that should match for two images that are “the same” (besides some minor perturbations like JPEG artifacts, resizing, or cropping).

Yesterday, news broke that researchers had extracted the neural network Apple uses to hash images from the latest operating system and made it available for testing the system. Quickly, artificially colliding adversarial images were created that had matching NeuralHashes. Apple clarified that they have an independent server-side network that verifies all matches with an independent network before flagging images for human review (and then escalation to law enforcement).

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Dear Tech, You Suck at Delight

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What we’ve found, over and over, is an industry willing to invest endless resources chasing “delight” — but when put up to the pressure of real life, the results are shallow at best, and horrifying at worst. Consider this: Apple has known Siri had a problem with crisis since it launched in 2011. Back then, if you told it you were thinking about shooting yourself, it would give you directions to a gun store. When bad press rolled in, Apple partnered with the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to offer users help when they said something Siri identified as suicidal. It’s not just crisis scenarios, either. Hell, Apple Health claimed to track “all of your metrics that you’re most interested in” back in 2014 — but it didn’t consider period tracking a worthwhile metric for over a year after launch.


Earth to Apple: wireless headphones are like a tampon without a string

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As far as style goes, the AirPods resemble the EarPods from the Season 2 episode of Doctor Who in which a megalomaniac billionaire has convinced the populace to purchase the wireless devices as a means to conduct communication and receive all their information, only to turn around and deploy them as a weapon that hacked into their brains and turned them into soulless, emotionless, homicidal metal automatons.