My talk at Republica online


One of the best conferences I’ve attended is Re:publica in Berlin, which manages to both attract and criticize the tech industry. This year’s conference is (obviously) online only, and I was honored to be asked to record a keynote for it.

My talk is called “The Collapse: How institutions, trust and truth are annihilated by monopoly and corruption.” It’s on May 7 at 8:25 Berlin time.

“The pandemic isn’t the only disease that’s annihilating our society: alongside of it, there is an epidemic of mistrust in institutions and a growth in conspiricism, a panic to save yourself and let everyone else fend on their own.”

“Blaming Big Tech for the collapse in trust and commonly held truth is backwards: Big Tech’s bigness is en effect, not a cause, of the corruption that made our institutions so untrustworthy.”